Dungeon Crawl for the Cure 2018


Banner event

There were so many amazing people involved in this event. This could not have happened without you. To all of our generous sponsors, you gave so much and helped so many lives with your charitable contributions!

A shout out to The Greatest Shop Ever, The Fantasy Shop, The Miniature Market and the Saint Charles Ghost Tours! You were all so wonderful, thank you so much! Everything you gave helped make this a reality.

The list for the event has huge, but not as big as our sponsor’s hearts. Hugs and high fives to the Miscellaneous Podcast, Entertain the Geeky, Heather Ray Massage, White Wolf Publishing, Onyx Path, Lyndell Institute, Dice Geeks, Picasso’s Coffee, Wandering Ash Tree, Rick Grey Music, Ben Bedford, Chris Griffith Music, Ginghams, Fratellis, 9Round, Sports Clips, Big Woody’s BBQ, RPG Guild of Greater St.Louis Roleplaying and countless other organizations who gave so much to this event!

The list doesn’t end there, we are blown away by the number of talented and dedicated volunteers who came together to help so many. You are selfless saints! Thank you Tony Strutynski, Ashlee Knieriem, Shawn Dupont, Tim Murphy, Scott Ephriam Vigil, Kerry Kamp, Steven Kraml, Damon Wilson, Heather Ray, Stephanie Silverberg, Brandon Silverberg, Kalihan Riley, Heidi Bailey, Kim Brader Amos, Mike Brodeur, Drake Kamp, Emma Kamp, Kevin Hoang, Chris Parsons, Rodger Wayne Moss, Taylor Dumas and Rev for all the hard work and dedication. You were irreplaceable and essential to our success.